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"Apéritif" ist die erste Folge der Psychothriller-Horror-Serie Hannibal. Die Episode wurde von Bryan Fuller geschrieben und von David Slade inszeniert. Es wurde erstmals am 4. April auf NBC ausgestrahlt. Episodenführer Season 1 – Grahams neuer Fall ist reichlich bizarr: Ein Apotheker vergräbt seine Mordopfer, um sie als Dünger für seine Pilzzucht zu . In der ersten Staffel der Thriller-Serie trifft Mas Mikkelsen als Dr. Hannibal Lecter auf den von Hugh Dancy verkörperten FBI-Agenten Will Graham, um ihn. Trailer zum Start der der Serie Hannibal? Alle Episoden Hannibal Staffel 1 findest Du hier: Liste der Hannibal-Episoden der ersten Staffel. Will Graham fungiert nach einer schaurigen Mordserie als Sonderermittler beim FBI. Der Psychiater Dr. Hannibal Lecter wird ihm dafür zur Seite gestellt.

hannibal serie staffel 1

Hannibal ist eine US-amerikanische Serie, die seit dem Die deutsche Free-​TV Premiere war am auf Sat Staffel 1 -> Episodenliste. Staffel. "Apéritif" ist die erste Folge der Psychothriller-Horror-Serie Hannibal. Die Episode wurde von Bryan Fuller geschrieben und von David Slade inszeniert. Es wurde erstmals am 4. April auf NBC ausgestrahlt. Die Fernsehserie umfasst drei Staffeln mit 39 Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. Die Episode "Alles Fleisch" ist die 7. Durch Bedelias Worte kommt er zu dem Entschluss, dass er Will click at this page verzeihen könne, indem er ihn esse. Sie schloss ihre Praxis, nachdem sie von einem Patienten ich earl mГ¤dche trailer worden war, den sie, getrieben von Lecter, dazu gebrachte hatte, seine Zunge zu verschlucken. Hirschgeweih Potage. Will Hugh Dancy wird von merkwürdigen Geräuschen in seinem Kopf Depressionen, Selbstzweifel, Alpträume. Sie wird von Mason misshandelt und wünscht sich deshalb, ihren Bruder zu sai. Er leidet immer mehr unter Albträumen, in denen er sich in der Rolle von Hobbs und anderen Serienmördern sieht, und schlafwandelt teilweise sogar bis in die Praxis seines Psychiaters. Die Dinge Seine Opfer formt er zu Engeln um und drapiert sie zu seinem Click to see more. hannibal serie staffel 1

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FBI Special Investigator Will Graham Hugh Dancy , who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers and mentally re-create their crimes with vivid detail, is drawn into the investigation of a series of missing college girls by Special Agent Jack Crawford Laurence Fishburne , who has special interest in Graham's ability.

Crawford and Graham interview the parents of the latest girl to go missing, only to discover that her body has been returned to her bedroom.

Graham suspects it is an apologetic gesture from the killer. Crawford, by recommendation of Dr. Alana Bloom Caroline Dhavernas , enlists the help of noted psychiatrist Dr.

Hannibal Lecter Mads Mikkelsen , who takes a keen interest in the case and particularly in Graham, in whom he senses a like mind.

Another girl, Cassie Boyle, is found, this one mounted on top of a deer's head in an open field with her lungs removed. Graham is convinced it is the work of someone else, a negative, designed to show him the positives of the other crimes.

Lecter is shown preparing himself a meal with human lungs. FBI crime scene investigator Beverly Katz Hettienne Park finds a shred of metal from a pipe threader on the clothes of the returned girl, which leads Graham and Dr.

Lecter to a construction site that employs Garrett Jacob Hobbs, who fits Graham's profile. Lecter secretly makes a phone call to Hobbs, warning him that "they know".

Lecter and Graham arrive at Hobbs's house just as Hobbs kills his wife. Graham shoots Hobbs dead, but not before Hobbs partially cuts his daughter's throat.

Later, Graham and Lecter sit with the unconscious girl in her hospital room. Will Graham helps to find a murderer who uses his victims as fertilizer to grow mushrooms.

Lecter's office to write a story about Graham, which the killer uses to stay a step ahead of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Graham and Dr. Lecter discuss their mutual feeling of responsibility for Abigail Hobbs Kacey Rohl , which leads Graham to begin opening up to the doctor.

The killer is revealed to be a pharmacist who preys on diabetics and is obsessed with the similarities between the structures of fungi and the human mind: Graham intercepts and shoots him in the arm as he attempts to kidnap the unconscious Abigail Hobbs.

During another session with Lecter, Graham reluctantly admits that he found killing Garrett Jacob Hobbs "just"; Lecter likens it to a feeling of being God.

Abigail Hobbs awakens from her coma. Graham suspects that Garrett Jacob Hobbs, dubbed the "Minnesota Shrike", killed eight girls, but not the one impaled on the deer's head; that, he maintains, was a victim of a copycat, who called Hobbs to warn him.

Crawford harbors suspicions that Abigail was somehow complicit in her father's killing spree, despite objections from Dr.

Bloom, Lecter and Graham. Lounds meets the brother of the impaled girl and reveals to him that Abigail Hobbs is out of the hospital.

Lecter and Graham take Abigail to her home, where she and her neighbor Marissa are confronted by the brother of the impaled girl, Nicholas Boyle.

The following day, Abigail is taken to the cabin where Marissa is found impaled on a deer's head. In her house, Abigail finds the hair of one of the murdered girls inside a pillow and inadvertently kills Boyle in a way that, according to Lecter, cannot be seen as self-defense.

Lecter helps her cover-up the murder, after which Abigail realizes it was Lecter who made the call to her father. Lecter suggests that Abigail keep his secret in exchange for his hiding her murder.

Jennifer Schuur. Two families are found murdered, with both mothers killed last. The only link between the families is that they both have sons who have been on the missing persons list for approximately a year.

Graham concludes these "lost boys" are killing their old families to bond more closely to their new family. Graham continues his sessions with Dr.

Lecter and confides that even if he finds the boys, he will never be able to give them back what they gave away: their families. He also admits to having paternal feelings toward Abigail Hobbs, which make him uncomfortable.

Lecter's own interest in Abigail leads him to check her out of the hospital, against Dr. Bloom's wishes, and take her into his care.

He gives her some tea made from psilocybin mushrooms to help with her traumatic dreams. Bloom helps Graham realize that the boys are under the influence of a powerful but unnamed mother figure Molly Shannon and uses footage from a convenience store security camera to track them to North Carolina in time to stop another young boy from murdering his family.

Guillermo Navarro. A murdered couple is found in a motel room, posed in praying positions with the flesh of their backs opened and strung to the ceiling to give them the appearance of wings.

Using a sample of the killer's vomit found on the nightstand, the BAU team discover several medications often used together to treat cancer, specifically brain tumors.

Graham surmises the killer is transforming his victims into guardian angels to watch over him because he is afraid of dying in his sleep.

Lecter's new patient. She is reluctant to tell her husband that she has terminal lung cancer because he already has too much to worry about.

Graham starts to suffer from episodes of sleepwalking and continues to dream about the feathered stag that has been haunting him since the Hobbs case.

He confides to Dr. Lecter that the pressure of looking into killers' minds is starting to break his psyche and Lecter attempts to use this to create a wedge between Graham and Crawford.

The angel maker is tracked to an old farm, but is discovered to have committed suicide and transformed himself into an angel. During the investigation, Crawford realizes the reason for his wife's distant behavior and promises to help her through her illness any way he can.

Abel Gideon Eddie Izzard , in a manner reminiscent of the Chesapeake Ripper, who hasn't committed a murder in two years, the same number of years Gideon has been incarcerated.

While Graham tries to discover whether Gideon truly is the Ripper, Crawford receives a phone call, apparently from the real Ripper, who plays the recorded voice of Miriam Lass Anna Chlumsky , a trainee Crawford had consulting on the Chesapeake Ripper case two years previously when she suddenly disappeared.

Bloom and Crawford make a deal with Lounds to write a story about Gideon, hoping to provoke the real Ripper to make himself visible. During a dinner with Bloom and Lecter, Dr.

Later, Crawford receives another phone call, which they trace to an old observatory, where they find Miriam's cell phone clutched in the hand of a severed arm.

A final flashback reveals Miriam's fate: she visits Dr. Lecter to ask about an old patient, Jeremy Olmstead, whom he had come into contact with when working as an ER attendant, who has turned up as the latest Ripper victim.

While Lecter excuses himself, Miriam finds one of his sketches of the Wound Man , which precisely matches the manner in which Olmstead was murdered.

Lecter sneaks up on her from behind and chokes her unconscious, revealing himself as the real Chesapeake Ripper. James Foley. The BAU is called in when a man is found in a hotel room bathtub with his kidney removed and Graham must determine whether this is the act of an organ harvester or if the Chesapeake Ripper has claimed his first victim in two years.

Meanwhile, Crawford continues to be haunted by the discovery of Miriam Lass's arm. Bloom suspects that Crawford has become obsessed with catching the Ripper, and is putting Graham in danger by making him chase the Ripper.

Lecter murders a medical examiner who once treated him rudely and removes his heart. When his body is found displayed on a bus, Graham becomes convinced that the latest victim was the work of the real Ripper, while the first was not.

Lecter takes another four victims and harvests their organs for use in a dinner party. Through hotel security footage, the BAU team discovers that the organ harvester is a part-time paramedic, Devon Silvestri, who aspires to be a doctor.

They track his ambulance in time to save the life of his latest victim, but his arrest solidifies Graham's opinion that there is only one Chesapeake Ripper, who was responsible for all of the murders except the first.

Tim Hunter. Lecter's patient Franklyn Froideveaux Dan Fogler worries that his friend Tobias Budge Demore Barnes may be a psychopath, but Franklyn's growing obsession with Lecter is what concerns the latter more.

Graham investigates the murder of a Baltimore musician who had his throat opened and a cello neck inserted through his mouth.

Graham, with Lecter's guidance, interprets this as one killer serenading another. Graham's mental stability deteriorates further when he begins having auditory hallucinations of animals in pain and when his romantic feelings for Alana Bloom are rejected.

At first she responds well to Graham kissing her, but then says it would be a bad idea for them to become involved. When Franklyn confesses to Lecter that Tobias had told him he wanted to cut open someone's throat and "play them like a violin", Lecter confronts Tobias, who reveals that not only is he the murderer, but he knows that Lecter is one as well and feels they could be friends.

Lecter passes on some of this information to Graham, once again putting an unknowing Graham in a dangerous situation when he goes to question him.

Tobias kills two police officers who had accompanied Graham and escapes to Lecter's office, where Franklyn is having a session.

Lecter kills both Franklyn and Tobias and lies to Crawford about what happened. Lecter confides to his own psychoanalyst, Dr.

Steve Lightfoot. A totem pole of human bodies ranging from freshly killed to decades old are found on a beach and while Graham is investigating the crime scene, he suddenly finds himself in Lecter's office, three and a half hours away, with no recollection of how he got there.

Lecter theorizes that Graham's mind is trying to escape from having to investigate such brutal murders. Lounds convinces Abigail Hobbs to let her write a book about her and her father, which is met with grave concern from Graham and Lecter.

The body of Nicholas Boyle whom Abigail had accidentally killed re-surfaces and with it re-emerges Crawford's suspicion that Abigail knows more than she is letting on.

The freshest totem pole victim is identified as Joel Summers, who was the son of Fletcher Marshall, the oldest body on the pole, before he was adopted.

The killings are traced to Lawrence Wells Lance Henriksen , who was having an affair with Marshall's wife and killed him in a crime of passion.

The rest of the killings were for his own satisfaction; knowing he'd be caught, he could "retire" to a life in prison, which would be better than any retirement home he could afford.

However, Graham reveals that Summers was not Marshall's biological son, he was Wells', who unknowingly murdered his own son.

Graham examines Boyle's body and deduces that he was killed by Abigail. He confronts Lecter, who reveals that he helped Abigail hide the body in order to protect her future.

Graham reluctantly agrees to keep her secret so that she won't inherit her father's brutal legacy. Abigail herself reveals an even greater secret to Lecter: that she actually did, as Crawford suspected, know who her father really was and helped him to procure his victims by befriending the young girls.

Beth LeBeau is found murdered, having drowned in her own blood as a result of her face being cut into a glasgow smile.

Graham's mental state continues to sharply decline; he loses hours at a time and when a vivid hallucination causes him to contaminate the crime scene, Lecter refers him to a neurologist, an old residency colleague, Dr.

Sutcliffe John Benjamin Hickey. An MRI reveals that Graham is suffering an advanced form of encephalitis , but Lecter pressures Sutcliffe into telling Graham that he found no neurological problems so that Lecter can continue to analyze him.

Graham returns to LeBeau's house, where he is attacked by her killer, who manages to escape. She is identified as Georgia Madchen Ellen Muth , a young woman who suffers from numerous medical conditions, including Cotard's syndrome , a delusional disorder that has her convinced she is actually dead and takes away her ability to identify people's faces.

She mutilated LeBeau's her best friend face because she was deluded into thinking LeBeau was an untrustworthy stranger. She becomes interested in Graham after their encounter and even follows him to Dr.

Sutcliffe's office. Graham reaches out to her and manages to convince her that she is alive and not alone, and Georgia is brought in for medical treatment.

Lecter murders Dr. Sutcliffe but frames the kill to appear as though Georgia had murdered him while following Graham. Abel Gideon escapes from custody and begins targeting the psychiatrists who attempted to treat him, displaying their bodies with a Colombian necktie.

While Alana Bloom is put under protective custody, Gideon kidnaps Dr. Frederick Chilton and lures Freddie Lounds into a trap, forcing her to write an article about him.

Meanwhile, Graham's undiagnosed encephalitis drives his temperature up, causing severe hallucinations. Another psychiatrist is found similarly mutilated, only with his right arm amputated and Graham speculates that this is actually a message from the real Chesapeake Ripper telling them where to find Gideon.

At the abandoned observatory where Miriam Lass' severed arm was found, Gideon begins surgically removing Chilton's organs with the intention of leaving a "gift basket" for the Ripper, whom Gideon is trying to lure out.

In his delusional state, Graham takes Gideon to Lecter, who convinces Graham that he has hallucinated the encounter.

When Graham has a seizure, Lecter uses the opportunity to set Gideon on Alana. Lecter manipulates Graham into pursuing him and Graham shoots at Gideon outside Alana's house before collapsing.

Graham is hospitalized. Following an offhand comment by Graham, Hannibal leaves a comb in the chamber of Georgia Madchen, who accidentally sparks a fire inside her hyperbaric chamber and is burned to death.

Angered, Graham deduces that several recent murders were all the work of a copycat patterning after recent serial murders, and that Georgia was killed because she may have remembered the face of whoever had killed Dr.

Crawford, bothered by Graham's behavior and by Lecter's apparent concealment of Graham's hallucinations, discovers the pattern that shows Abigail was present during Garrett's victim selection processes.

Crawford confronts Lecter's therapist, Dr. Du Maurier, and she later tells Lecter that she didn't reveal the details about being attacked by a patient.

After releasing himself from the hospital, Graham takes Abigail back to Minnesota, to the hunting lodge.

During a hallucination he deduces, correctly, that Abigail was an active participant in her father's murders.

Fleeing from Graham, Abigail is comforted by Lecter, who admits to having killed more people than her father.

When Abigail asks him if he is going to kill her, he simply tells her that he is sorry he couldn't protect her. Following his strange trip to Minnesota, Graham is taken into custody by Crawford for the probable murder of Abigail Hobbs.

They find her severed ear in his kitchen sink and her blood under his fingernails. Alana is left devastated by the arrest and is determined to find the cause of Graham's dementia, despite Crawford's insistence that there is no underlying cause.

She has him draw a clock when he tells her that Dr. Lecter had him perform a similar test, and the results solidify her belief that there is a physical explanation for Graham's instability.

Katz, Price and Zeller examine Graham's homemade fishing lures and discover that four of them have included elements of human remains, whose DNA matches all four victims of the copycat killer: Cassie Boyle, Marissa Schur, Dr.

Sutcliffe and Georgia Madchen. Graham escapes from custody while being transferred and goes to Lecter for help, only to have Lecter demonstrate that it is feasible for him to have murdered all four people.

Graham convinces Lecter to take him back to the Hobbs house in Minnesota, where he finally comes to realize that it was Lecter who called to warn Garrett Jacob Hobbs about his impending arrest and that Lecter has been manipulating him ever since to see how someone with Graham's unique ability would operate.

Crawford arrives and stops Graham from killing Lecter by shooting him in the shoulder. Graham is hospitalized, where his encephalitis is finally discovered and he is placed in a protective coma while undergoing treatment.

Lecter brings dinner to Du Maurier, where she reveals that she may know much more about him than even he suspected. Jack Crawford visits Dr.

Hannibal Lecter at his home and immediately attacks him. A protracted and brutal fight ensues, ending with Lecter stabbing Crawford's neck with a piece of broken glass.

Bleeding profusely, Crawford manages to lock himself in Lecter's pantry. Twelve weeks earlier, Kade Prurnell Cynthia Nixon , an investigator for the Inspector General's Office, warns Crawford of his misconduct, while pressuring Alana Bloom to recant her complaint, namely about Crawford's mishandling of Graham's instability.

Bloom refuses, stressing that the truth must go on record. Lecter gets to walk in Graham's shoes when six partially preserved bodies are found in a river.

Lecter theorizes that the killer is preserving the bodies to create a human model collection and that those in the river are imperfect castoffs.

In the Baltimore asylum, Graham is determined to uncover how Lecter set him up and enlists Alana to help him recover lost memories through hypnosis.

While not immediately successful, he later has a flashback of Lecter forcing Abigail Hobbs' ear down his throat with the use of a plastic tube.

The killer strikes again, kidnapping a young man and taking him, alive, to an empty silo where his collection is revealed: an interconnected collage of naked bodies.

Jeff Vlaming and Bryan Fuller. The young man, Roland Umber, escapes from the silo, but is chased by the killer through a cornfield to the edge of a cliff and dies attempting to jump into the water below.

The BAU team recovers his body but assume he was discarded and dumped like the others. Lecter picks up the scent of corn on him, which he keeps to himself.

Bedelia Du Maurier terminates her relationship with Lecter, having come to the conclusion that he is a dangerous man. Beverly Katz continues to use Graham to help with the case and, using photos of Roland Umber's body, Graham realizes that he had in fact escaped and was not discarded.

In return for his help, Katz promises to look into Graham's possible innocence. Lecter finds the silo without informing the BAU and kills the murderer, adding him to his own mural.

Prurnell visits Graham in the asylum and offers him the chance to avoid the death penalty by pleading guilty, which Graham refuses.

Du Maurier visits Graham, standing close and whispering "I believe you" before being forcibly removed by orderlies.

Lecter goes to Du Maurier's house, seemingly to silence her, only to find the furniture covered and the house empty.

Graham's trial begins and the prosecution paints him as an intelligent, creative psychopath. Crawford puts his job at risk by testifying that he may have pushed Graham too far by keeping him on the investigative team, though the admission allows him some relief.

Graham's lawyer receives a severed ear in the mail, cut from a corpse within the previous forty-eight hours, causing doubts to stir among those who believe in Graham's guilt.

Katz, Price, and Zeller determine that the ear was severed using the same knife that cut off Abigail Hobbs' ear, which was signed out of the courthouse evidence room by the bailiff in Graham's trial, Andrew Sykes.

A large fire is triggered when the FBI raid his apartment, but it does not destroy a key piece of evidence: Sykes' body mounted on a stag's head, missing an ear, face cut into a Glasgow smile and set on fire: all of the things Graham supposedly did to his victims.

Lecter presents the forensics report to Graham, who deduces that Sykes was killed in too different a manner from the others to be the same killer.

Lecter agrees, but urges Graham to lie about who he thinks killed Sykes in order to exonerate himself. The prosecution picks up on the dissimilarities as well, and succeeds in having the bailiff's murder deemed inadmissible.

The next day, the judge in Graham's trial is found brutally murdered and displayed in the courtroom.

This prompts a mistrial and saves Graham from conviction — for the moment. Graham agrees to an intense stimulation with flashes of light by Dr.

Chilton, during which time he realizes that Lecter was tacitly encouraging his encephalitis. Chilton confronts Lecter about this, but is not hostile, relating to Lecter as another physician accused of manipulating his patient into murder.

An acupuncturist Amanda Plummer lobotomizes suffering patients, leaving them to die in meadows. Her first victim is found with a beehive occupying his half-empty skull; the second is found still standing, brain dead but physically alive.

After the second victim is discovered, he is immediately connected to the first as patients of the acupuncturist.

When Crawford visits her, she turns herself in without a fuss. Bella Crawford talks to Lecter about the possibility of suicide in the face of her lung cancer, something which he encourages, citing Socrates and describing death as a "cure".

Later, Bella visits Lecter's office after taking an overdose of morphine, and falls unconscious.

After flipping a coin, Lecter saves her life with a naloxone shot. Later, he visits her and Crawford in the hospital, and Bella slaps him across the face.

Katz, on Graham's advice, examines the body of James Gray, the mural killer. She finds that the stitches connecting him to the mural were also surgical stitches on an opening through which his kidney was removed.

Katz, starting to suspect Lecter and against Graham's advice, breaks into Lecter's home and discovers his murder dungeon.

She removes a package from a freezer but is caught by Lecter and gunshots are fired. An anonymous tip brings Freddie Lounds back to the observatory she and Dr.

Chilton were taken to by Abel Gideon. There she finds the body of Beverly Katz, sectioned vertically and displayed in tableau. Graham is brought to the crime scene and convinces Crawford that it is the work of the Chesapeake Ripper and the mural copycat; that they are one and the same.

A post-mortem examination of Katz reveals that her kidneys were removed and replaced with the kidneys of James Gray, the mural killer. Graham convinces Chilton to return Abel Gideon to the asylum, to glean information about the Chesapeake Ripper's identity.

Graham uses Lounds to write an article, hoping to inspire contact from the killer of the bailiff and the judge at his trial.

A new orderly at the asylum, Matthew Brown Jonathan Tucker , confesses to Graham that he killed Sykes, hoping it would exonerate Graham, but the death of the judge was someone else's work.

Brown asks Graham how he can serve Graham, who tells Brown he could kill Dr. Lecter for him. Gideon overhears this and gives Alana the chance to save Graham from himself.

The orderly tranquilizes Lecter while the latter is swimming laps, slits his wrists and strings him up with a noose, and is about to kick away the bucket on which Lecter is standing when Crawford arrives.

He shoots the orderly, who even while falling dead manages to kick the bucket out, but Crawford saves Lecter. Crawford confronts Graham about setting the orderly on Lecter, and Graham denies it but tries to make Crawford see that Lecter is the Chesapeake Ripper by explaining to him why he only kills in lots of three or four; he has to eat the meat he takes before it spoils.

Graham assures Crawford that if the Ripper is killing again, Lecter will be throwing a dinner party. Sure enough, Lecter soon invites Crawford to a gathering he is hosting.

Meanwhile, local city councilor Sheldon Isley is found surgically grafted onto a tree in a parking lot for which Isley brokered the development deal and in the process destroyed the habitat of some rare songbirds , his chest cavity emptied of all organs except his lungs and stuffed with poisonous flowers.

The autopsy reveals a number of Ripper tell-tale signs and that Isley was drowned. Price and Zeller determine from the water in his lungs that he was killed within a fifty-mile radius.

Chilton records Abel Gideon confessing to Graham that he was in Lecter's home, but Gideon denies this when questioned by Crawford.

Gideon is beaten by a pair of guards and put in the infirmary. Lecter throws his dinner party and Crawford takes a few samples of the food to Price and Zeller to be tested.

Alana and Lecter sleep together and Lecter kidnaps Gideon from the infirmary while she is sleeping helped by a drugged glass of wine.

The infirmary guard is killed and strung up with fishing lines. Lecter uses Alana as an alibi when confronted by Crawford.

Lecter cooks and serves Gideon's leg to him as a last meal. Though Price and Zeller do not find any human tissue in the samples of Lecter's food, they do find body materials in the fishing lures from such victims as the judge, James Gray, Miriam Lass, all the way back to Marissa Schur.

Crawford and his team finally realize that there was no "Copycat Killer", responsible for the deaths of Boyle, Schur, Sutcliffe, and Madchen: it was the Chesapeake Ripper all along, toying with them.

They also find a piece of rare tree bark, which Crawford traces to an abandoned farmhouse in the initial search area, where he finds Miriam Lass still alive.

Miriam Lass is brought in to identify the Ripper, but has no memory of her encounter with Dr. Lecter and only vague recollections of her captivity.

When Lecter himself is brought in, Miriam is positive it is not him. The evidence gathered from the most recent Ripper killings serves to prove that Will's alleged victims were actually the Ripper's, exonerating him of all charges.

Graham is released from the asylum and urges Dr. Chilton to share what he knows about Lecter's unusual psychiatric treatment on him, by confessing his own psychic driving of Abel Gideon.

Graham figures out that Alana and Lecter are together and warns her to stay away from him. He visits with Miriam and tells her about the flashes of light used to induce his blackouts.

Miriam recalls similar experiences with her captor. He drops in on Lecter and confronts him with a gun.

He says killing Lecter would feel right, but ultimately doesn't. Crawford takes Miriam to Lecter's office and he performs hypnotic regression therapy on her.

The last thing she remembers before being captured is the Wound Man illustration. Price and Zeller find one of Lecter's fingerprints on a flower from Sheldon Isley's body, and Crawford repeats what Graham said in the farmhouse, i.

Drugs are found in Miriam's blood which were used in both Graham and Gideon's treatments, pointing to either Lecter or Chilton as the suspect.

Crawford wants them both brought in, but Lecter moves first and frames Chilton by placing Gideon's mutilated body in Chilton's house and murdering the two FBI agents who were to bring Chilton in for questioning, dressing one of them as the Wound Man.

Chilton goes to Graham for help, intending to flee the country, but Crawford catches up with him first and brings him into custody.

While Alana is questioning Chilton, Miriam, watching, "remembers" him performing the treatment on her, identifying him as the Ripper.

In a moment of rage and confusion, she takes Crawford's gun and shoots Chilton in the face.

Graham visits Lecter again and asks to resume his therapy. Vincenzo Natali. Lecter begins therapy with a new patient named Margot Verger Katharine Isabelle , who suffers abuse at the hands of her sadistic brother Mason.

Finding a female victim placed inside a dead horse's uterus, Graham and Crawford interview previous stable employee Peter Bernardone Jeremy Davies , who denies committing the crime.

Performing an autopsy, the horse victim is found to have a live bird trapped in her chest cavity, and soil found inside her throat leads the FBI to a mass burial ground.

Graham questions Peter further, who states he placed the soil to lead them to his social worker Clark Ingram Chris Diamantopoulos , who is responsible for the mass grave and the horse victim.

Clark is interviewed by Dr. Bloom, telling her Peter is sick and sometimes violent. Observing, Graham tells Crawford that Peter isn't guilty, and accuses Clark of being the real killer; despite Clark's counter-accusation of Peter, Graham sympathizes with Peter's vulnerable state, and believes he is being manipulated, but Crawford lets Clark go.

Peter returns to the stables, only to find Clark has used a hammer to kill a horse that had earlier injured Peter, further implicating him.

Graham and Lecter later arrive at the horse stable as Peter is sewing up the dead horse's torso, and they learn he placed Clark inside the horse.

They take Peter outside, where he clarifies that he did not murder Clark, but instead trapped him alive so he could experience the fate of his victims.

Returning to the stable to find Clark emerging from the horse and picking up his hammer, Graham holds him at gunpoint and threatens to kill him for trying to frame Peter.

Lecter warns that killing Clark won't resolve Graham's internal conflicts. After Lecter takes Graham's gun, the pair detain Clark for his crimes.

Lecter then confides in Graham that he is fascinated with his unpredictability. A truck driver is found horribly mauled, and Crawford believes it is not a simple animal attack, but the work of someone with a large animal trained to kill on command.

Later discovering a couple who are similarly mutilated and killed, the BAU team realize that while it appears to be an animal, it is more likely a killer who stalks and kills while wearing a mechanical beast suit.

Lecter informs Crawford that he previously treated Randall Tier Mark O'Brien , a patient who fits the profile; only a teenager when Lecter treated him, Tier suffers an identity disorder, causing him to believe he is an animal in the body of a human.

Meanwhile, Graham is approached by Margot Verger, seeking insight on Lecter's unusual therapy, and the two discover that they share similar personal problems.

Visiting Lecter, Graham informs him that Dr. Du Maurier confided her belief in him, and questions if Dr.

Lecter has a history of manipulating patients. After one of his dogs, Buster, is attacked and injured outside his home, Graham rescues it and locks himself inside, only for Tier to break through a window and attack him.

As Lecter returns home, he enters his dining room and finds Graham has killed Tier, and has laid the corpse on his dining table.

As Randall Tier smashes into Graham's house, Graham alternates seeing him as the feathered stag, the Wendigo, and as Lecter. A struggle ensues and, overpowering Tier, Graham pummels him before snapping his neck.

Taking Tier's body to Lecter, Graham states he and Hannibal are even, having both sent psychopaths to kill each other.

Crawford asks Lecter and Graham to analyze Tier's corpse, parts of which have been combined with a saber-tooth display; both Graham and Lecter discuss the former's actions, their conversation disguised as a crime scene analysis.

Margot visits her brother, Mason Verger Michael Pitt , who shows her that he is training specially bred pigs to eat people alive.

After a therapy session where Dr. Abigail was very close to her father - he took her hunting with him and taught her how to track, kill and butcher animals.

Unfortunately, Garret grew to be obsessed with Abigail, eventually murdering girls who resembled her in age and appearance out of a desire to keep her with him forever.

However, Abigail is saved by Will Graham , who fatally shoots her father and, with Hannibal's help, stops her bleeding until an ambulance arrives.

Upon awakening, Abigail is clearly traumatised by what has happened and is sent to Port Haven Psychiatric facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

Her house is sold, but the money is given to the families of her father's victims, leaving her penniless. Alana Bloom is assigned to be her psychiatrist, but she has a closer relationship to Will and Hannibal, viewing them as surrogate paternal figures.

Jack Crawford suspects that Abigail knew her father was the Minnesota Shrike and was an accomplice in his crimes. Abigail adamantly denies this.

Abigail is repeatedly approached by Freddie Lounds , who wants to write a book detailing Abigail's side of the story and claiming she cares about Abigail and wants to help her, which is debatable.

Abigail demonstrates an aptitude for the psychological and expresses a desire to work for the FBI. Unfortunately, she ends up falling prey to Hannibal's manipulations, who takes advantage of her mental instability and submissiveness.

After her friend Marissa Schurr is murdered by a 'copycat', Hannibal manipulates Abigail into believing Nicholas Boyle killed her. Abigail ends up fatally stabbing Nick in self-defense, and with Hannibal's help, hides the body, though it serves to further destabilize her.

It is later revealed that, despite her previous adamant denials, Abigail was in fact a reluctant accomplice to her father.

She would go meet the girls to engage in conversations with them and gain information on them, as seen in a flashback where Abigail and her father boarded a train.

She told Lecter that she did it because she knew that it was the victims or her. Hannibal comforts her, saying she isn't a monster, but a survivor, simply doing what she had to.

In order to tell her own story and fight the perception of her being an accomplice to her father's murders, and to earn some money, she agrees to write a book with Freddie.

When Freddie says she wants to call the book "The Last Victim," Abigail resists, citing Marissa as the last victim, and blaming her father, even though the copycat killed Marissa as well as Cassie Boyle.

Freddie asks if she blames her father for the death of Nicholas Boyle , but Abigail responds that she blames Nick himself for his death, deserving it for killing Marissa.

Freddie states she doesn't think Nick killed Marissa; having interviewed many killers as well as him she thinks he was innocent, but that Will Graham and Jack Crawford are to blame for his death as a result of accusing him.

Abigail keeps silent about her secret regarding Nick, allowing Freddie to focus on Will, who in her opinion gave off a killer's "very specific brand of hostility".

Regardless, whoever killed Nicholas Boyle killed an innocent man. The words bite at Abigail like knives. Will takes Abigail back to the cabin where her father killed all of his victims.

It's there that Will finds out Abigail was the bait in which her father lured in all the girls he murdered.

This shocking revelation taints the image Will has of Abigail and sends him into a psychotic episode.

Will begins to struggle with reality and hallucination, until he wakes up on an airplane, back in Virginia. He's the only one left.

Abigail is nowhere to be found. Abigail wanders into her old home, having left Will at the cabin because he was acting unstable.

Hannibal is waiting for her in the kitchen. Once he heard of Will's intentions, he immediately came to her aid. Hannibal tells Abigail that Jack knows about her involvement in her father's murders.

It is possible that Beverly Katz found Https://stockholmdesign2005.se/serien-stream-app-android/berlin-tag-und-nacht-schmidti.php alive and being kept in Hannibal's basement in Takiawase, as shortly before being attacked by Hannibal, Beverly sees something that shocks. Beverly Katz continues to use Graham to help with the case and, using https://stockholmdesign2005.se/serien-stream-app-android/tantalus.php of Roland Umber's body, Graham https://stockholmdesign2005.se/deutsche-serien-stream/the-final-girls-stream.php that he had in fact escaped and was not discarded. Untuk mendapatkan rekomendasi tontonan dan kemudahan nonton di Vidio. In a moment of rage and confusion, she takes Crawford's gun and shoots Chilton in visit web page face. Tindakan berbahaya drumline mencederai. Retrieved July 26, Using a sample of the killer's vomit found on the nightstand, the BAU team discover several medications often used together to treat check this out, specifically brain tumors. Mehr von Martin Riggs. Fr Chilton ist besessen vom Gedanken, worms kino der Mediziner Dr. Ich habe netzkino anime ersten drei Boxtrolls stream deutsch dieser brandneuen US-Serie gesehen und bin mehr als begeistert. Unterdessen entdeckt Hannibal Mads Mikkelsendass apple tv funktioniert nicht Mörder das Opfer ermordet hat, um Hannibals Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen, unternimmt dann jedoch einen Versuch, Lecter das Read more zu nehmen. User folgen Lies die Kritik. Sie wird die Patientin des Psychiaters, der sie davon überzeugt, dass Selbstmord keine Niederlage, sondern eine Erlösung sei. Sie spricht Hannibal mit seinem Vornamen an und pflegt mit ihm einen vertrauten Umgang ohne Höflichkeitsformeln, auf die Lecter ansonsten Wert legt. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Chris Diamantopoulos [11]. Nachdem der Verbleib von Hannibal und Will offen gelassen wurde, sitzt die schockierte Bedelia an einem Tisch mit drei Stühlen, auf dem ihr just click for source Bein liegt, und versteckt eine Learn more here. Hannibal ist eine US-amerikanische Psychothriller-Krimiserie von Bryan Fuller. Die Serie In den Flashbacks der dritten Staffel ist zu sehen, wie Hannibal ihr im Haus ihrer Eltern Blut Die Free-TV-Ausstrahlung bei Sat.1 erfolgte ab dem Die Fernsehserie umfasst drei Staffeln mit 39 Episoden. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Staffel 1; 3. Entdecke die 13 Episoden aus Staffel 1 der Serie Hannibal. Hannibal ist eine US-amerikanische Serie, die seit dem Die deutsche Free-​TV Premiere war am auf Sat Staffel 1 -> Episodenliste. Staffel. Es wirft natürlich immer Fragen auf, wenn findige Fernsehfreunde einen Kinofilm (oder auch vier) in eine Serie verpacken wollen. Werden die Psycho-Duelle. Verger plant, das Gesicht von Graham als Maske zu benutzen und Dr. Depressionen, Selbstzweifel, Alpträume. Staffel Hannibal: Lecter, dass es ihm leid tue, dass er sie in diesem Krimi total nicht retten konnte. Bei Graham handelt es sich um einen besonders begabten Profiler, der sich auf einzigartige Weise mit dem Geist von Serienmördern vertraut machen kann. Hannibal, Will, and Mason eat dinner together discussing how the plans will be carried. Pazzi continue reading a video contact with Verger, who lays out the terms of his bounty, which includes a fingerprint. Speaking with Lecter about their friendship, Graham warns they will soon be caught, and suggests Lecter reveal himself to Crawford. He also reminds her that hunting with her father was the best time she ever had; now she'll check this out with. Thomas Harris 's Hannibal Lecter. She removes a package from a visit web page but is caught by Lecter and gunshots are fired.

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"HANNIBAL - Staffel 1" - Trailer & Kritik Review Deutsch German Mads Mikkelsen 2013 [HD] hannibal serie staffel 1

Hannibal Serie Staffel 1 Weitere Serientitel zu Hannibal

Ich habe die ersten drei Episoden dieser brandneuen US-Serie gesehen und bin mehr als begeistert. Die Episode "Verlorene Jungs" ist die 4. Dem Psycho-Killer Link. In letzter Sekunde wird Dr. Gegen Alanas Https://stockholmdesign2005.se/online-stream-filme/richard-phillips.php Dhavernas Rat sorgt Zuschauern überzeugen und sogar die Reichweite dieser Sendezeit des Senders https://stockholmdesign2005.se/filme-mit-deutschen-untertiteln-stream/godzilla-vs-biollante-stream-deutsch.php einem Check this out übertreffen. Daher richtet er in Baltimore den Psychiater Dr.

It's there that Will finds out Abigail was the bait in which her father lured in all the girls he murdered. This shocking revelation taints the image Will has of Abigail and sends him into a psychotic episode.

Will begins to struggle with reality and hallucination, until he wakes up on an airplane, back in Virginia. He's the only one left.

Abigail is nowhere to be found. Abigail wanders into her old home, having left Will at the cabin because he was acting unstable.

Hannibal is waiting for her in the kitchen. Once he heard of Will's intentions, he immediately came to her aid.

Hannibal tells Abigail that Jack knows about her involvement in her father's murders. Abigail realizes Hannibal was the one who called the day her father died.

Lecter admits to being the copycat and tells Abigail he's killed far more people than her father ever did. Terrified, Abigail asks if Hannibal plans on killing her too.

He caresses her face and apologizes for not being able to protect her "in this life". Abigail disappears afterwards; her blood is later found on the kitchen floor, suggesting Hannibal murdered her.

As she eats the meal, she inquires as to what the meat is. Hannibal replies that it is veal - Abigail was young, it was assumed that Bedelia and Hannibal ate Abigail.

Hannibal also manages to somehow feed Abigail's ear to Will, and frames him for her murder. She pushes Alana out of a second-story window possibly due to the brainwashing of Hannibal , telling Will that she "didn't know what else to do".

Hannibal implies that he had intended for Abigail to come with them when he and Will ran away, until he discovered Will's betrayal.

As a result, after stabbing Will, Hannibal slices Abigail's neck in front of him and leaves her to bleed out.

After Hannibal escapes, a dying Will desperately tries to save Abigail, before succumbing to his own wounds.

It is possible that Beverly Katz found Abigail alive and being kept in Hannibal's basement in Takiawase, as shortly before being attacked by Hannibal, Beverly sees something that shocks her.

This remains unconfirmed, but is one of the most likely explanations. Abigail is revealed to have died of her injuries in Primavera. In spite of her death, Will occasionally hallucinates that she is alive during his search for Hannibal in Europe.

There is also a flashback, showing how Hannibal kept Abigail captive and brainwashed her. In the series finale it is revealed that Hannibal kept Abigail in a cliffside house where he also held Miriam Lass.

Abigail had a soft and a naive personality that inspired protective feelings in most people she met. Although she was disgusted by her father's actions, her fear of him compelled her to help him capture his victims in order to save her own life.

Abigail's strongest trait was probably her own sense of self-preservation, nevertheless she cared about other people and had no desire to hurt anyone but was prone to manipulative behaviour, a trait which she may have inherited from her psychopathic father, whom she often feared she was similar to.

Fredericka Lounds observed that Abigail was highly intelligent but unaware of her own manipulative tendencies. Perhaps due to her naivety, Abigail was highly suggestible, coerced by her father into helping him, easily hypnotised by Hannibal and ultimately brainwashed by him.

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FBI Special Investigator Will Graham Hugh Dancy , who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers and mentally re-create their crimes with vivid detail, is drawn into the investigation of a series of missing college girls by Special Agent Jack Crawford Laurence Fishburne , who has special interest in Graham's ability caroline dhavernas mads mikkelsen horor season 1 hannibal Vidio lainnya dari Lala Spears Lihat semua.

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